The body is a vessel through which we experience the world.  By improving its function we inevitably improve the quality of our experiences.  Movement is necessary for experiences.  It's then necessary to improve quality of movement as well as our capacity for it.


"Most of what I liked was the way my body gained mobility and Noel's wonderful skills and personality. This experience has been a wonderful experience."


- Diane, Occupational Therapist

"Six months ago I underwent spinal surgery which left me with a weak lower leg and foot.  After physical therapy, Noel provided me with weekly Rolfing sessions.  He always starts with a quick assessment and plans the session.  I am amazed at how he takes my few comments and works them into a beneficial therapy.  I always leave feeling stronger and more flexible.  Noel often follows up to see how I'm doing.  I would recommend Rolfing to anyone who is serious about staying flexible and functional.  Noel can definitely help you towards those goals."


- Ann Foneville, Registered Nurse

"I was expecting a guided walking meditation once I heard the title Movement Meditation , but I was not disappointed at all. The intake was thorough , the therapist setting a professional but comfortable tone . I would not suggest doing anything differently . Noel made appropriate adjustments when physical discomfort arose . I am not in tip top shape , especially during this plague , but with a series of brief stretches , I felt way more open in my trouble areas ( Right shoulder and right hip ) . I was especially impressed that he was able to ease pain in the balls of my feet , and I will be doing the calf stretch daily in hopes that my plantar fibroma breaks down . I hope to work with him again."

Eden Fonveille, Licensed Massage Therapist

"This experience far exceeded my expectations.  Noel was very professional and knowledgeable.  I also appreciated his collaborative approach.  I have been a fan of Rolfing for years but I had no idea how valuable it would be as part of brain injury healing."


- Deb Matlock, Environmental & Human Educator (Director of Wild Rhythms)

"Noel is an extremely caring practitioner, who carefully listens to your expressed needs and also intuits your body's needs.  I work with him weekly to aid my recovery from Parkinson's and I feel very positive about the results."


- Carole Addlestone

"I've been a student of Noel's for about two years, and taking one-on-one yoga classes with him for the last 14 months, primarily in my own home, or in his workspace. Noel is an amazing teacher and a great educator. He has an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge, great sense of calm, and will customize your routine to whatever you want/need. With Noel I've been focusing on my yoga routine, deep stretching, and even weight training. He has developed many programs/routines for me which are customized to my exact goals. Noel is a special expert in postural alignment and pays attention to form - which is perfect for me, because that is what I wanted to work on and why I decided to go with Noel. Just check out Noel's posture - it's impeccable. I wanted to improve my back alignment while standing and foot positioning while walking - which he has helped me tremendously improve in these areas. Noel can help identify areas for improvement and will focus on them like a laser. His rates are the standard rates in Charleston for personal yoga sessions, and to me it is absolutely worth it. I see Noel as a supplement to my regular yoga practice and workouts. I recommend him for anyone who wants to seek improvements in their sport. I meet with Noel every 1-2 weeks. Folks looking for an incredible personal trainer or yoga instructor who will cater to your exact needs."


- Matthew Engel

Lowcountry Rolfing

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