A new word entered my daily vocabulary recently. Plantonicity or Palintonic. It's one of the five principles of Rolfing.

So I googled palintonicity and got sites for "plant city". I added "quotes" to the search terms and all that came up was news about Hillary Clinton. On Google images I got more pictures of Clinton! The third one was of the super hero named Arrow with his bow drawn. Though the image's appearance was in regards to something Clinton said I was happy enough with the coincidence. Whether or not they intended it at least they're on the right track.

Back to the word palintonicity...which has frequent appearances in Rolfing literature. I'm beginning to think it's another made-up thing to help us describe a general feeling or idea such as "physicality". Thanks to the research of others I came up with the etymology, which I try to remember to look at when learning a new term. "Palintonic" is derived from the Greek word "palintonos" meaning "unity in opposition" (literally, "stretched back and forth")." - J. Maitland

Often times I like to keep a concept in mind and see how it applies to my daily activity. If I can remember I'll repeat things in my head like "backspace" and "patience" in order to further embody the main idea behind the word. It's a kind of moving meditation and for the most part if it doesn't change much of what I do it at least keep things interesting. It also prevents me from reverting back to auto-pilot where I'm guided by the random flux of desires and emotions rather than my ever-present spiritual center.

Palintonicity is a newer one to me...almost similar to "balance" but not quite. It's more active in my opinion than the verb "balance." It's more of a motion...not a position, if that makes any sense. It's a relationship between two opposing forces acting for one outcome or one expression. Even though the forces are in opposition their movements help create something balanced and unique. In terms of physicality if I'm fighting from falling down I counter intuitively reach up in order to better lighten my position. If I'm reaching forward, then I make sure to be reaching back with as much effort. When my foot hits the ground, it pushes down while my chest lifts up. What does all of this opposition do? It creates length, it creates space, and with that there's opportunity to grow hence the creation.

What I'm finding too is how I can apply this idea to other aspects of my life in order to better understand my relationships. How can I help create space? With the ones I love, with my work, with my life? What are the forces acting upon the relationship and where are they going? When I find those things then I can better align myself with the pulls of those forces so that they are in equal opposition thus clearing the space for a more beautiful expression.

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