How Am I? : As Written In Journals and Notes

Now readers can enjoy a collection of my posts and other writings in one place, Amazon. With Kindle Direct Publishing I've been able to arrange a large collection of writing into an easy to share format. This book is primarily self-edited and published so please excuse errors. I think the idea was to make it as reminiscent as possible to the times the original posts were written; raw and unrefined. Following is the dedication:


This book is dedicated to love. What if all works were dedicated to such a thing? It doesn’t seem as though they could be since the meaning of love varies between people and to whom they’re referring to loving. This book is dedicated to my love of the readers then; the Others. If it weren’t for the Others then I wouldn’t feel the need to write. What follows is a series of notes, journals, and essays written throughout various times in my life in response to inspiring events. Inspiring in that they created a train of thought within me that I couldn’t let go until I had it down on paper but these days they were more so typed on something like my cellular phone. I purposefully refrain from introducing or explaining the writing I’ve chosen here in great detail because the words can only speak for themselves. It’s the freedom of the reader to read what he or she wants from them just as I read what I wanted from the experiences causing me to reflect on them. No two beings will have the same experience of something though there is much in an experience that they do have in common. My attempts in reflecting on any of what transpires in my experiences is to find a truer meaning for them. Truer in the sense that they are more relatable to the experiences of others and speak more to an underlying experience shared by all or most beings. Though their rarity is what makes them so unique and what makes them so potentially meaningful.

I do want to inform the reader a little about myself in efforts to better understand the perspective of the person from which these reflections come. The bulk of this writing comes from a period of my life when I was between the ages twenty-five to thirty. This period included an unfruitful jab at grad school in philosophy, starting my own business in bodywork, multiple travels alone around the country, traumatic changes in family life, traumatic changes in romantic relationships, a move out west to become a Rolfer, the development of a regular meditation practice, and a resurgence in a purpose driven life.

Even though the events happened chronologically the thoughts between them permeate past, present, and future. That’s the reason these entries are organized as they are into sections titled: Somatology, Philosophy, and Theology. The writings inspired in the first section are reflected from experiences I’ve had in relation to giving and receiving bodywork. I’ve had the fortune of attending many classes based on understanding the human being and improving its potential. Each class ignited some thought or series of them with which I wanted to explore in efforts to better remember my entire experience of it and to give me something with which I could add to the experience of those I come into contact with outside of the confines of the field of study. In the second section readers will find more derived from personal experiences with myself and with others outside of any specific setting. These are, in other words, reflections from my life in general where I attempt to discover something relatable in the everyday ways we exist with ourselves and with each other. The final section on theology is titled with the best word I could find but it falls short of highlighting the wide spectrum of thoughts I had concerning faith and reason. In some instances meanings felt as if they were already there for me to uncover or with which I was to be rewarded. In other instances it felt as though the meanings were up to me and me alone to determine.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s up to the reader what meaning they want to derive from this barrage of some young man’s random reflections. It is my hopes however that the reader feels as though he or she benefited in some way from reading or at least found something with which they could relate; possibly reflect back in a different light.


See attached link for listing:

If interested in a free copy, then please send me an email with a little note.

- Noel

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