“The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga.”


- Patanjali

Why yoga?


Forms of yoga practice have been around for thousands of

years and ancient traditions have had widespread influence

on bodywork modalities aimed at improving health and

wellness.  Even Dr. Rolf herself found some inspiration for

her system of soft tissue manipulation through yoga based

movements and philosophical concepts.  It's no wonder why

the west has seen a tremendous increase in access to all sorts

of yoga practices through studios, teachers, workshops, and

more.  The mindfulness encouraged in yoga practice is seen

as complimentary to the work done in Rolfing.  A whole

branch of study in Rolfing known as Rolf Movement explores

how to embody changes made during sessions through

movement education and patterning.  It is similar to an

individualized yoga practice in many respects.  These are

reasons why Lowcountry Rolfing also offers opportunities to

learn movements and ideas that will compose a balanced yoga


What is a yoga session like?


Yoga sessions may be done in a private setting such as a home or office.  Clients are also able to book small group classes that may be done in any accessible location.  They typically involve 60 minutes of a flow of movements selected by the instructor based on an individual's needs and interests.  Props and bolsters are provided and clients are encouraged to bring their own equipment such as mats, blocks, and straps; if they have them.  Clients will be guided through a session that ends with a 5-15 minute meditation.  During this time they may also be coached on how to perform certain poses or movements on their own when need be.  Clients are encouraged to drink at least 16oz of water no later than an hour before activity and 16oz more after the session.  Proper fuel and hydration is essential to get the most out of the practice and avoid injuries resulting from lack of calories and fluids.  

How much are sessions?


A 75 minute one on one session cost $100.00.  Split the cost with a group of 2-6 people for a private yoga class.  

Training and Experience:

  • 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Program at Charleston Power Yoga

  • 300 Hr Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program at Soul Yoga + Wellness

  • 600 Hr Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training Program In Progress Expected Date of Completion September 2020

  • 750 Hr Certificate in Massage Therapy Program at The Technical College of the Lowcountry

  • 600 Hr Accelerated Basic Rolfer Certification Program at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration

  • Advanced Rolf Training Program at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.  

  • Experience teaching yoga to groups and classes at Eco Fitness (now Pivotal), Long Training Studios, Exemplar Fitness, OMNI Health and Wellness, and with private events.

  • More than four years of experience hands-on assisting students with their yoga practices at Charleston Power Yoga.

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