“The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga.”, Patanjali

Why yoga?


Forms of yoga practice have been around for thousands of

years and ancient traditions have had widespread influence

on bodywork modalities aimed at improving health and

wellness.  Even Dr. Rolf herself found some inspiration for

her system of soft tissue manipulation through yoga based

movements and philosophical concepts. The mindfulness

achieved through a yoga practice is complimentary to Rolfing.


Benefits include:


 - Increased bodily awareness


 - Improved mood


 - Decreased pain and stress


 - More energy throughout the day


 - Increased mobility and flexibility


 - Improved balance and coordination


 - Improved balance between internal and external qualities  

 - Increased sense of connection


What To expect from a yoga session?


 - A practice that's tailored to your individual needs and interests.

 - Hands-on assists and/or supportive cues to help support you through postures and transitions.

 - Guided meditation and integration within every yoga practice.

 - Walking out of practice feeling better and more energized than when you walked in.  

 - Improvements in your physical and mental performance throughout the remainder of the day or week.

 - Greater sense of balance and connection between different aspects of your life.  


How much are sessions?


 - One Hour Private Yoga Session is $85.00.

 - One Hour Group Yoga Session is $95.00 (cost may be split between 2-10 people).

 - One Hour Yoga Therapy Sessions (Online) are currently done at no charge (for those interested in participating in my learning as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Student, please email me to learn more about this program and schedule your session today while space is limited).  


 - Posture and Alignment


 - Individualization of Practices

 - Myofascial Release and Usage of Tools in Practice

 - Assists and Cueing

 - Yoga Therapy (includes principles from Buddhism, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Yoga)

 - Slow Flows, Restorative Flows, Power Flows, and Yin Style Practices

 - Movement Exploration

Training and Experience:

 - 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Program at Charleston Power Yoga

 - 300 Hr Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Program at Soul Yoga + Wellness

 - 600 Hr Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training Program In Progress Expected Date of Completion September 2020, also on 900 Hour IAYT Track to be completed next year.

 - In progress to complete Certification in Rolf Movement, expected to be complete by end of 2020.

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